Educational software for Multiple Intelligence


An educational software package for children in nursery schools teaching according to the theory of multiple intelligence, which divides human intelligence into seven, supposedly equally important intelligences. I made it together with Susan for the Human-Computer Interaction course. The software is used at the Bavinckschool in Den Haag.

It consists of seven small games all dealing with the subject of traffic, the subject treated during one month at school. Each game addresses different skills, corresponding to a different kind of intelligence, as defined in the theory of multiple intelligence. When all the games have been completed, the toddlers can play any game they like; in this way all the different skills are trained but the children can intuitively determine for themselves which ones they’d like to improve upon further. A full version of the software would contain a similar set of games for all subjects covering all months of school.

De wielen van de bus die draaien rond, draaien rond, draaien rond…

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