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Supper Snapshots is a photoblog project by two people from different backgrounds (Oxalis from Indonesia and Maarten from the Netherlands), in which we both took a photo of our food every day and posted them on our blog. The project was started as an experiment: to see how our backgrounds, being raised in two different cultures yet in the same age of globalization, influenced our eating patterns. Inevitably, our backgrounds did not only influence our culinary preferences, but also our photographic styles.

Red Paprika @800

In the beginning we merely documented our meals, but as time went on we explored both more gastronomic and photographic possibilities. Many of our photos involved the staging of food products in unusual contexts or omitted any sense of environment or surroundings, giving rise to the sense of a hidden food universe or an imagined food world. This free approach gives an evident playful and improvised allure to the works.

gummi bears @800

The project lasted for two years, from October 2009 to October 2011, resulting in 1,468 photos.

A couple of selections from the collection has been displayed in several exhibitions, including in Common Room (Bandung), TEDxITT (Bandung), That’s Life Coffee (Jakarta), and C2O Library (Surabaya).

Supper Snapshots Common Room

See all the photos and information about events on Supper Snapshots!

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