Move Your Mac


Move Your Mac is a simple game that uses the Sudden Motion Sensor as input, a motion sensor integrated into all Apple laptops since 2005. The game is played solely by tilting and rotating the laptop, controlling the movement of the green ball on the screen. You have to react with agile movements to avoid the black balls and collect the red balls. The gameplay is nothing special but it’s great how the Processing Sudden Motion Sensor Library allowed me to complete this game from scratch within a few hours, and the input works very smoothly and direct.

So unfortunately this little game is only for Macs, and can only be played on Macs that have the Sudden Motion Sensor.

Move Your Mac was programmed in Processing and uses the aforementioned Processing Sudden Motion Sensor Library by Daniel Shiffman, and the Ess Sound Library by Krister Olsson.

Move Your Mac source code
Move Your Mac for Mac OS

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