Music is my most important interest and hobby today. I make electronic music on my own which I release under the name Pels, I am part of the experimental improvisation duo Oorcontact, and one half of the minimalist duo Skipping Salamander School. I also used to make music as one half of experimental collective Ella Empress and the Layers of Reality, which ran slowly but steadily for a few years. All are heavily sample-based.

In addition, I have created the audio for the game Zzing by Perceptor and for the art project Kraka-krasgrijs by Terry Vreeburg. With Ella Empress and the Layers of Reality we have created the music for an art installation by Daniel Norregaard and Niek de Roo, for the audio logo of product design studio Hoog+Diep, and for Perceptor’s abstract puzzle iPhone game Perloo.

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