Vestibule / Lobule

Oorcontact’s debut album “Vestibule / Lobule” was released on August 7 2020 on the Haarlem experimental music label No Hand Records. After exactly 5 years of playing live improvisations and after having gathered so much material, we felt it was time to etch two of our best edited improvisations into a disc.

The first track, “Vestibule”, is taken from one of our live performances at the Houtfestival in Haarlem in the so-called GOLF-container with artist Daniëlle Davidson and sees Tristan playing the guitar (although not always recognisably so). The track moves from one phase to the other, constantly morphing, continually transitioning into new moods and new sounds. The second track, “Lobule”, is us playing around in the studio (a.k.a. the living room) where Tristan is playing his synthesizer the Lamaha and an ambient tapestry is slowly unfolding and shifting from haunting to soothing.

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