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“Kappa-dosie – het knaapje dat een kereltje wou worden” is a Dutch-spoken audio play (hoorspel) in four parts. It was voice-acted and recorded by a group of friends after a script by Terry Vreeburg. I myself took on the important part of narrator, as well as the Rimpelvis (the ‘wrinkle fish’). Pieces of actor negotiation and instruction and bloopers are edited in at places for comic (and confusing) effect.

If you don’t feel like hearing it from start to end: it gets better the further it advances, listen to part 3 for a green dream and a swordfight, and listen to part 4 for a rhyming dragonfly an improvised music composition on Ralfs organ.

Download them here (mp3):

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4 (finale)


Terry V:

  • Kappa-dosie

Ralf K:

  • Bromoom
  • Roodkorst

Maarten W:

  • Verteller/Metageest
  • Rimpelvis

Gemma V.

  • Libelle

Joeri de V:

  • Moeder
  • Toerist
  • Blinde monnik

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