OutRandom is a conceptual computer game where the most random person wins.

The game is played by maximally three players on an arcade-like installation, and is simply controlled with two push buttons per player. The only task for the players is to push these buttons in an order that’s as unpredictable as possible. Who is the most random, wins. Each sequence of 60 button presses spawns one creature, its strength equal to the randomness of the sequence. Each player’s creatures then fight each other in a battle area that’s projected onto the wall.

OutRandom shows that acting randomly is a skill that you can train and that’s very suitable for competition. It challenges the players to think of diverse strategies for dealing with the endeavor of being random.

I created OutRandom together with Tiago and Christina for the semester project of the Media Technology programme. We started from the theme ‘Random’, and this is the result. OutRandom has been featured in several science and technology events and a scientific paper about it has been presented and published at the Fun and Games Conference 2010.

You can read more about it on the Media Technology project page.

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