A game-based sampler with balls.

I created SoundBalls in the Processing programming language for the course ‘Introduction to Programming’. It is not a game where you have to reach certain goals, but where you can play around with sounds. SoundBalls is a sampler (something that plays back sound files) that generates a constantly changing musical pattern which depends on the actions of the user.

The player is a point in space emitting radiation with an energizing effect. A few balls are flying along the playing field, and when the player’s radiation touches them, they start making a sound specific to that ball, every time on the same moment within the musical measure. In this way multiple balls are combined to obtain a varying beat with different sounds.

In the new version the currently played musical pattern is depicted graphically in the bottom of the screen. Also a few bugs have been fixed, the timing of the sounds has improved considerably and the whole things works better. SoundBalls is made using Processing; therefore you need Java to play it. (Download Java here.)

SoundBalls sound example!
SoundBalls source code
SoundBalls for Windows
SoundBalls for Mac OS
SoundBalls for Linux

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